Climate Change Adaptation: Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services

Mount Elgon, Uganda © Philip Bubb

The relationship between biodiversity and climate change adaptation should be explored from several perspectives. As climate change increasingly puts a strain on ecosystems and species populations (more information), it is important to find ways to increase their resilience to current and future climate change. At the same time, the conservation and restoration of biodiversity and ecosystem services can play a key role in helping societies to adapt to climate change. A third aspect is the potential negative impacts that ill-designed adaptation activities may have on biodiversity.

UNEP-WCMC’s work on climate change adaptation and biodiversity mainly focuses around the concept of ecosystem-based adaptation. This is the use of sustainable ecosystem management activities to support societal adaptation, and can also contribute to climate change mitigation. Other related areas of work include links between community-based adaptation and biodiversity, and between mitigation and adaptation.

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