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Biodiversity Science

UNEP-WCMC’s mission is to put authoritative knowledge about biodiversity at the heart of decision making. The Science Unit, established in 2008, aims to strengthen scientific integrity across all our activites by advising the Centre’s highly skilled staff on scientific aspects and reviewing our work, and by fostering publication of the Centre’s work in peer-reviewed journals.

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Global biosphere modelling

Global biosphere modelling

To balance the increasing human needs for food and resources with the healthy functioning of ecosystems, decision makers require robust and transparent global forecasts of the response of ecosystems to future changes in human activities. Together with Microsoft Research Cambridge, we are developing a global biosphere model that captures the ecological processes shaping biological communities in terrestrial, marine and freshwater realms.


GLOBIO—global biodiversity model

GLOBIO is a tool to assess past, present and future impacts of human activities on terrestrial biodiversity. Since 2002 the model has been extensively used for environmental assessments on the global to national scale.