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Technical Support for UNEP Divisions

UN Agencies and Programmes commonly partner to improve their reach and effectiveness and reduce duplication. UN partnerships with non-UN organizations can generate similar benefits and UNEP works in collaboration with a number of NGOs and academic institutions to strengthen its capacity, notably through of Centres of Excellence (also known as ‘Collaborating Centres’). In one such example the UNEP World Conservation Monitoring (a Branch of DEWA mandated in 2003 by the UNEP Governing Council through decision GC.22/1/III) works in collaboration with WCMC, UK-based ‘not-for-profit’ organisation to fulfil its role as UNEP’s specialist Centre for biodiversity information and assessment. For a statement of UNEP-WCMC’s capabilities to provide direct support to UNEP’s Programme of Work see our Statement of Capability and for guidance on working with us see Guidelines for working with UNEP-WCMC.

Commissioning Work

Over the 30 years UNEP-WCMC has undertaken hundreds of technical projects at various scales for government departments, regional bodies, multilateral agencies, universities and others, and we would be happy to discuss your specific needs. You can read an Outline of UNEP-WCMC Capabilities or contact us by emailing our Senior Development and Communications Coordinator

If you work for a business and would like to discuss how we can help you please check our section on Corporate Engagement.