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UNEP World Conservation Monitoring Centre is situated just 2 miles outside central Cambridge. The current Centre building, officially opened in 1993, was specially designed to fit in with its rural surroundings and constructed mainly from reclaimed materials - receiving the Green Award for Office of the Year in 1995.

Our Environmental Committee works to develop and implement policies to decrease the environmental impact of the Centre's facilities, operations and staff. It does this through schemes such as carbon offsetting and waste recycling, promoting the use of technology rather than international travel, and in collaboration with initiatives such as the Cambridgeshire Travel for Work Partnership.

The site is close to the location of a Site of Special Scientific Interest with an ancient hedgerow and a purpose-built wildlife pond that attracts much wildlife such as dragonflies, frogs, moorhens and many other bird species.

UNEP-WCMC has a number of well-equipped meeting rooms which we make available at no cost to meetings related to biodiversity.  If you would like to take advantage of these facilities, please email