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GLOBIO—global biodiversity model

GLOBIO is a tool to assess past, present and future impacts of human activities on biodiversity. Since 2002 the model has been extensively used for environmental assessments on the global to national scale.

The latest GLOBIO3 model estimates the impacts on terrestrial biodiversity through time of land use change, climate change, fragmentation, infrastructure and nitrogen deposition using cause-effect relationships derived from the literature. To use GLOBIO no detailed species data are needed. Instead, the model uses spatial information on environmental drivers as input. This input is mainly derived from the Integrated Model to Assess the Global Environment (IMAGE).

The GLOBIO model is the result of a collaboration between Netherlands Environmental Assessment Agency (PBL), UNEP/GRID-Arendal and UNEP-WCMC. We welcome new collaborators to extend the scope of the model. For example, a module for the freshwater aquatic environment is under development (GLOBIO-aquatic). and a marine models is being developed by The Sea Around Us Project of the University of British Colombia (UBC).

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