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Harmonization of National Reporting

UNEP-WCMC has worked over the last 15 years to streamline the reporting requirements of the various Multilateral Environmental Agreements (MEAs) on each party. This section details the various ways in which the Centre has supported the reduction of the reporting burden on countries, including links to our papers on the subject and resources produced by MEAs and other organisations to forward these aims. 

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Convention guidance on harmonization of reporting

The governing bodies of many of the biodiversity-related and Rio Conventions have provided mandates for work to increase the harmonization or streamlining of national reporting. This section contains links to the text of the most recent decisions. 


Harmonization of National Reporting - Key Papers

UNEP-WCMC has released a series of papers and reports over the last 15 years, outlining the feasibility of and the steps that are needed to allow harmonized national reporting to Multilateral Environmental Agreements (MEAs). Many other organisations and researchers have produced work on the topic too, exploring the burden of reporting felt by nations and a variety of means through which to streamline the reporting process. This section brings together these papers for further reading.


Harmonization of National Reporting - Workshops

In October 2000, UNEP convened its first harmonization workshop entitled 'Towards the Harmonization of National Reporting', which involved eight convention secretariats and eight countries in discussing options for harmonization, and resulted in the establishment of pilot projects in four countries (Ghana, Indonesia, Panama and the Seychelles). The completion of the four pilot projects called for the organisation of a second workshop, to discuss the results and plan a way forward based on this and other experience. The 2004 harmonization workshop in Haasrode was convened by UNEP-WCMC in cooperation with the governments of Belgium and the UK. This section contains links to the papers, reports and documents created in the run-up to and after the completion of this workshop. 


Harmonization of National Reporting - Projects

A number of projects have been carried out to test and further develop approaches to harmonization, or streamlining, of national reporting to multilateral environmental agreements. For the Centre, this began in 2000 with a UNEP workshop in Cambridge, UK, entitled 'Towards the harmonization of national reporting'. Following this, work was undertaken around the UNEP Knowledge Management Project (2006-2008). Presently the Conventions and Policy Support Programme is executing a UNEP/GEF project on integrated processes to National Reporting to the Rio Conventions (FNR_Rio). This section contains more details about these three activities. 


Harmonization of National Reporting - Links

 A number of Multilateral Environmental Agreements (MEAs) and other organisations have made attempts to streamline national reporting processes. This section provides links to websites with information on these mechanisms or general information on increasing harmonization and streamlining.


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