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Integrated reporting to the Rio Conventions

UNEP-WCMC is currently undertaking a project, funded by the GEF, piloting Integrated Processes and Approaches to Facilitate National Reporting to Rio Conventions, known as the FNR_Rio project. Each of the three Rio Conventions (CBD, UNFCCC, UNCCD) require nations to submit national reports on the status of the environment and efforts made to improve this status in line with each convention. There is now an increasing burden of reporting felt by nations, as more and more Multilateral Agreements are signed and more and more data is required from nations. This project aims to reduce this burden by:

  • developing integrated approaches to data collection and analusis
  • increasing synergies in the process of reporting (without compromising relevant COP decisions)
  • contributing to improved planning and decision-making at the national level

The project is being trialled in six countries: Afghanistan, Eritrea, Lao PDR, Liberia, Palau and Mauritius. The aim is to increase the quality and quantity of submissions to these conventions, as well as improving the implementation of the conventions, by removing duplicated efforts, overlaps and inefficiencies.

National Manuals on the implementation of integrated reporting to the Rio Conventions

One of the key outputs of the project were National Manuals, guides produced by each of the pilot countries outlining their experiences with the project, lessons learned and recommendations for future reporting to the Rio Conventions.

Situational Analysis

Two pieces of analysis formed the basis for much of the work in this project. The first, at the global level, looked at the reporting requirements of the Rio Conventions and explored the feasibility of joint reporting. Pilot countries also produced an analysis of the current data and information management systems in their country, including country-specific recommendations.

Options for a Joint Reporting Template

As part of the project a draft joint reporting template was trialled in the six pilot countries. Below is the draft template circulated to them and analysis of the trial.

Presentations and Promotions

The Project Team has presented the FNR_Rio Project at a number of events, including Conferences of the Parties to the Rio Conventions. These presentations and information provided to ISSD bulletins and similar publications can be found below.

Terms of Reference

Pilot countries were provided with Terms of Reference for the national manuals and national consultants that worked on the project: these can be found below.

Other Outputs

Related to this project was the publication of a report titled Promoting Synergies within the cluster of biodiversity-related multilateral environmental agreements in 2012, with funding from the Ministry of the Environment of Finland.

Project Steering Committee Meetings

The Project Steering Committee consists of representatives from each pilot country, UNEP, each of the Rio Conventions and the International Consultant. They have met three times throughout the life of the project and are due to meet again in the margins of the Trondheim Biodiversity Conference, May 2013. This page contains links to the documents for each meeting.

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