Issue 4 of the SGA Network's quarterly newsletter, ‘SGANews,’ is now available

Issue 4 of the Sub-Global Assessment (SGA) Network's quarterly newsletter, ‘SGANews,’ has just been released and is now available online. This issue includes a selection of interesting updates and publications from our Network members, and the dates and locations of various workshops and meetings. Review comments are also sought on a number of IPBES documents, including the draft work programme for the next four years, stakeholder engagement strategy, and guidance on the development of strategic partnerships.

Issue 4 of SGANews can be viewed via this link.

The Sub-Global Assessment (SGA) Network is hosted by a Secretariat which operates through a joint arrangement between UNEP-WCMC and The Cropper Foundation of Trinidad and Tobago.

The SGA Network aims to create a platform for stakeholders involved in undertaking and using ecosystem assessments from local to regional levels. The Network sets out to do the following:
• connect ecosystem assessment stakeholders such as practitioners, decision-makers and the scientific community
• facilitate knowledge sharing amongst network members and other stakeholders
• build capacity to undertake and use ecosystem assessments
• encourage and support new assessment work
• support relevant decision making processes, such as IPBES and other MEAs

Visit the SGA Network for more information.