Marine Habitat Validation Tool video launched

mangroves for article

A short video demonstrating the use of the Marine Habitat Validation Tool has recently been launched both in English and French, to encourage a wider uptake of this new innovation. The Marine Habitat Validation Tool is an online editing and validation tool that users can draw upon to improve the spatial accuracy of global marine datasets including mangroves, coral reefs and salt marshes. 

The Tool can be used to validate spatial marine data by enabling users to confirm that the current habitat extent is correctly represented. In addition, users can add and remove incorrectly mapped data. Capturing local knowledge is key to validating such datasets, including knowledge from local stakeholders and NGOs.

These improved datasets can be used to help assess the role of coastal habitats in providing important goods and services such as fisheries, coastal protection and the sequestration of carbon from the atmosphere, encouraging better decision-making by helping to identify priority areas for conservation. The updated community-layer will be made available for download through the tool and Ocean Data Viewer.