New Head of Impact Strategy appointed

 We are delighted to announce that Louisa Wood has recently been appointed as the new Head of Impact Strategy at UNEP-WCMC. Louisa has previously worked with us as Head of Programme for Marine Assessment and Decision Support, and now moves on to bring her interests and skills to focus on Impact Strategy across the Centre. The overall purpose of Louisa’s role is to take a lead in improving our understanding and achievement of impact, whilst enhancing reputational, relationship, and risk management across UNEP-WCMC.

As a Centre, we recognise the importance of understanding and communicating our impact in order to progress UNEP-WCMC’s relevance, reputation, and value. This new position represents an increased commitment by the Centre to fulfilling our mission to provide authoritative information about biodiversity and ecosystem services in a manner that is useful to decision-makers who are driving change in environment and development policy.

Louisa’s role will initially focus on progressing our approach to measuring and communicating tangible impacts, maximising synergies between impact, KPIs, and quality assurance, and designing lightweight but effective processes to improve the value of our products and services, and communicate this value better to our partners, clients, and other users. We look forward to working with Louisa in this new role.

Louisa has a BA (Hons) in Zoology from the University of Cambridge, an MSc in Tropical Coastal Management from the University of Newcastle Upon Tyne, and a PhD in Geography from the University of British Columbia. Prior to joining UNEP-WCMC Louisa worked for IUCN in collaboration with Google on the Google Ocean project.