New interns join the team at UNEP-WCMC as part of the Cambridge Biodiversity Internship Scheme 2013.

Eight interns from the Cambridge Biodiversity Internship Scheme have joined us at the beginning of this week, with more interns to start over the next few weeks. The scheme is a collaboration between the Cambridge University Careers Service and UNEP-WCMC and has been designed to give Cambridge students, passionate about biodiversity and conservation, an opportunity to find out about the work that is undertaken in a conservation organisation and to help them make decisions about their future careers.

Each intern has been assigned a specific programme to work on with the help of their respective supervisors with expertise in specialised fields. Matthew Dixon has just graduated from Cambridge University with a degree in Zoology and is interning on the Science, Economics, Policy and Partnerships Programme for 12 weeks. After learning about the academic side of conservation, Matthew is interested to see how this translates into practical conservation and how multiple conservation organisations interact with each other and with businesses to make decisions that shape policies and other global initiatives. Matthew would like to work in the environmental sector and is also interested in environmental consultancy, and is keen to travel to experience conservation in the field.

Isabelle Tompkins too has graduated with a degree in Geography and joins us as the Protected Areas intern also for 12 weeks. She applied to the scheme as she would like to work in conservation in the future and hopes to increase her understanding of how conservation organisations work, as well as to meet and work with a range of people from UNEP-WCMC. In particular, she is interested in the relationship between ecology and human behaviour, how people interact with the environment and the impacts that this has. After her internship, Isabelle is going to travel and volunteer on a variety of conservation projects abroad to gain further experience. She would then like to apply to study for a Masters in Conservation in the UK.

Other interns are working in other programmes including Science, Marine Assessment, Ecosystem Assessment, Climate Change and Biodiversity, Species, and Conventions and Policy Support. We look forward to getting to know them in the next few weeks and the enthusiasm and new ideas that they will bring to the Centre.