New Publications from our Science Team

Two publications have been released this month, both co-authored by Derek Tittensor, a member of UNEP-WCMC’s Science Team. Mora et al’s (2013) Comment on “Can we name Earth’s species before they go extinct?” has been published in Science (2013, vol. 341, no. 6143, p. 237) and is a reply to a paper by Costello et al released earlier this year, in which the rate of species extinctions is compared to the rate of species description. Derek’s new publication argues that their conclusions were too optimistic, and that many more species will likely become extinct before they are discovered.

The second publication is a book chapter called “Ocean conservation: current challenges and future opportunities” in Key Topics in Conservation Biology II, which has been published for use by undergraduate and graduate students of biology, wildlife management, and environmental science. The chapter addresses key areas including the major conservation issues, past, present and emerging, in the marine environment, and synthesises them to determine the opportunities for the future of marine conservation.