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Our Environmental Impact

Environmental Committee

Given its position as an internationally recognised environmental organisation, UNEP-WCMC strives to ensure the sustainability of its own activities and show its commitment to environmental issues both internally and externally.

For this reason, the Centre has an Environmental Committee made up of staff members from each programme who volunteer their time to identify and, where possible, address any areas that are unsustainable.

An annual Green Report helps to track progress made over time and continually improve the Centre’s environmental performance. Please see below for further information about UNEP-WCMC's environmental impact and efforts towards sustainability.

UNEP-WCMC Environmental Strategy

It is vital that UNEP-WCMC commits to the principles of sustainability and wiser decision making which it promotes. An important first step in achieving this was the development of an Environmental Strategy, setting achievable targets, objectives, and actions. UNEP and many other international conservation organisations (e.g. BirdLife International, TRAFFIC International) have conducted environmental audits on their own in-house activities and subsequently developed environmental strategies. In such a way, an environmental strategy will help enable UNEP-WCMC to address the challenges posed by sustainable management of its own activities.

Waxwing (Bombycilla garrulus). ©Christoph Zockler


The Environmental Committee also keeps a species list of flora and fauna found around the Centre. Contact the Environment Committee ( for more information or if you spot something to add to the list.

UNEP-WCMC Environmental Strategy 2006

Environmental Strategy 2006