Regional & National Capacity Support

The Ecosystem Assessment Programme provides capacity support in biodiversity indicators and ecosystem assessments. It designs and runs capacity building workshops and produces accompanying guidance materials and on-line materials. This is conducted with national and regional partners, building on participant’s experience and facilitating learning between organisations. The National Biodiversity Indicators Portal website is an example of this work. Our capacity building work responds to identified needs, such as updating of NBSAPs and national reporting to Conventions such as the CBD and UNCCD.

The Ecosystem Assessment Programme also supports capacity development by providing a Secretariat role for the Biodiversity Indicators Partnership and the Sub-Global Assessment Network. In this way we facilitate collaborations between national and international agencies to build capacity for indicators and assessments.

In March 2013, a four-day capacity building workshop on “Indicators as part of NBSAP updating” was held, involving sixteen delegates from seven countries of the western Balkans region, led by Philip Bubb from UNEP-WCMC and the BIP Secretariat. Presentations, interactive group work and training exercises were included in the programme in order to support the development of national biodiversity indicators for the NBSAP updating process. Participants found the experience invaluable and a follow-up workshop is due to take place in September 2013. A capacity building workshop on “Indicators and Integration of CMS and CITES Objectives as part of NBSAP Updating” was also run in Cameroon for eight countries of francophone Africa in June 2013. A report is due to be released in September, and will be available via the BIP National Biodiversity Indicators Portal.

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