UNEP-WCMC maintains information on species of conservation importance, in particular those protected by multilateral environmental agreements.


Species+ is a website that provides information on the current listing of species in the multilateral environmental agreements (MEAs), together with their taxonomy, distribution and common names, as well as the trade restrictions that affect them.

Species+ is a new and improved version of three existing databases: the UNEP-WCMC Species Database, the CITES Species Database, and the EU Wildlife Trade Regulations Database.


CITES Checklist

The Checklist of CITES Species provides the official list of CITES-listed species (scientific names) and their associated scientific synonyms; common names in English, French and Spanish (where available) and the CITES Appendix in which they are currently listed. Information on historical Appendix listings, reservations and level of listing (e.g. if a whole family or order is listed) is also available through this website.

CITES Trade Database

The CITES Trade Database contains all data on trade in CITES-listed species submitted annually to the CITES Secretariat by Contracting Parties.

CITES Trade Data Dashboards

The CITES Trade Data Dashboards are an interactive and dynamic way of viewing the trade data submitted annually to the CITES Secretariat by Contracting Parties, enabling searches by country or by taxonomic group.