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Strengthening Standards and Certification Systems

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Standards and certification schemes are widely used across many business sectors as a means of imposing requirements on access to finance, stipulating membership requirements to trade bodies, addressing sector-wide environmental issues, certifying products and services, and verifying company performance.

UNEP-WCMC is reviewing the biodiversity criteria present in over 30 environmental standards and certification schemes applicable to a range of business sectors. The end result will provide a snapshot of the “state of the art” of existing standards and certification schemes and will be a valuable tool in strengthening future standards and revisions, as well as highlighting compatibility between standards which will foster mutual reliance and significantly improve the understanding of standards across a range of users.

UNEP-WCMC also actively engages in several consultation processes to review and revise standards and certification schemes of different organisations to realize their full potential in promoting conservation across different business sectors.

We are a steering group member of the High Conservation Value (HCV) resource network which aims to maintain and enhance critical social and environmental values of forests and other ecosystems as part of responsible land management, and to advance locally adaptable management strategies through the development and use of the HCV approach.