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Synergies among MEAs

UNEP-WCMC provides support to the full range of biodiversity-related multilateral environmental agreements (MEAs) and the Rio Conventions, and has worked for many years to contribute to and inform attempts to increase synergies and cooperation across these MEAs at global and national levels.  In the sections below you can find information on these approaches and links to other relevant websites.

In This Section

Convention guidance on MEA cooperation

This section provides links to the decisions made at the latest CoPs of each of the main MEAs which relate to increasing cooperation with other MEAs or increasing synergies between MEAs.


Synergies among MEAs - Key Papers

Many Multilateral Environmental Agreements (MEAs) will implement projects which also help the work programmes of other MEAs. For example, work by the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change to reduce greenhouse gas emisions from land use change may also benefit the Convention on Biological Diversity (by protecting areas of high biodiversity). This section provides links to papers written by the Centre which look at the potential to increase this co-operation and joint implementation. 


Synergies and cooperation between conventions - links

A number of Multilateral Environmental Agreements (MEAs) have created mechanisms for, or host information on websites relating to, increasing synergies and cooperation between MEAs. This section provides links to more information on these mechanisms. 


Environment Management Group

The Environment Management Group (EMG) is a forum for UN agencies and MEA secretariats established under the chairmanship of the UNEP Executive Director as a mechanism for enhancing interagency cooperation in the field of environment and human settlements. The first meeting of the EMG in January 2001 established an Issue Management Group (IMG) to deal with harmonization of environmental reporting, with a focus on biodiversity-related conventions. UNEP was asked to serve as the task manager.