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Threats to Biodiversity

Threats to Biodiversity © Various (Tim Keegan, Tambako the Jaguar, Crustmania, Salvatore Barbera, Sarahemcc, Steve Severecci)

 These include:

  • The unsustainable harvesting of natural resources, including plants, animals and marine species.
  • The loss, degradation or fragmentation of ecosystems through land conversion for agriculture, forest clearing etc.
  • Invasive non-native or 'alien' species being introduced to ecosystems to which they are not adapted i.e. where they have no, or not enough, predators, to maintain an ecological balance. 
  • Pollution
  • Climate change

The first two have taken place throughout human history, although not on the current scale. The introduction of invasive species is certainly facilitated, if not caused, by the level of international transport and traffic of goods of our trade system. The latter two are definitely products of an industrial age.