World Atlas of Coral Reefs (2001)

Author: Spalding, M.D., Ravilious, C., Green, E.P., UNEP-WCMC
Date Published: January 2001
ISBN: 0-520-23255-0 (German Version 3-7688-1587-0)
World Atlas of Coral Reefs © UNEP-WCMC

Beautiful and highly productive, coral reefs rival even the tropical rainforests in terms of diversity. They provide a critical source of food for millions of people. Encircling tropical islands, they provide protection from the worst ravages of tropical storms. They have also become a beloved destination for those seeking solace on tropical shores, or adventure, diving into the world of the coral reef, whilst providing a new source of income and employment for some of the world's most impoverished nations.

The World Atlas of Coral Reefs is an invaluable resource to be enjoyed and used by a broad audience ranging from global travellers to scientists, including all those with an interest in the natural history of coral reefs, resource managers, travel organisations and university students. The book also caters to the needs of amateur divers and boat owners as a key information resource.